Jeffry Byrd was a curious lad from the beginning. Having grown up in the desert Southwest there were many chances to contemplate rocks and stuff. This, of course, led to a pursuit of the imaginative. Jeffry took it upon himself to become a student of the Arts and not so much the math and athletics. While he does enjoy watching the various sports contests and admires those who are prone to counting things, Jeffry has decided that Art is less painful.

JEFF LIKES THE FOLLOWING (in random order):


• His family (wife, 3 boys, 1 girl)

• BYU sports

• U2

• Provolone cheese

• Bocce ball

• Hogan's Heroes

• Les Miserables (book and play)

• Family history

• John Singer Sargent
• YoYo Ma

• Quality trousers

• Waffles

• Life in general




• 2016 & 2013 American City Business Journal Eagle Award winner - given to 1 recipient each year


• 2015: ACBJ - Innovation Lab finalist - One of 5 people chosen from 95 entries